we can help manage your metallic waste today.

Each year, the explanted orthopedic implants generated during joint revision procedures are a major source of metallic waste in landfills worldwide. Help keep unnecessary waste out of landfills, reduce your medical facility’s environmental footprint and increase your charitable giving — all at the same time. Get to know the convenient, zero-cost and zero-liability recycling services of Implant Recycling LLC


An easy fit for your facility. And money for charity.

  • Implant Recycling will provide your medical facility with a free recycling container. When your container is full, Implant Recycling will arrange a pickup free of charge.
  • Implant Recycling’s environmental consults will conduct a material flow analysis and waste stream audit free of charge (optional).
  • Based on the audit and analysis results, Implant Recycling will assist you in developing written procedures to be included in your facilities operational guidelines manual (optional).
  • A CD containing patient consent forms—created by a leading legal expert—to recycle explanted medical implants and/or devices will be provided free of charge.
  • Minimize your risk. All material received by our company will be resterilized to assure compliance prior to melting. This is something your local scrap yard is not prepared to do.
  • Approximately 30 days after receiving your material, a check will be mailed to a charity of your choice. Implant Recycling activities have resulted in more than 100 charities receiving supporting funds, including those of participating hospitals.
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